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I'm a mobile- and web-application programmer in Austin, TX.
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My name is Mike. I'm been a web- and mobile-application developer. I currently work for O'Reilly (yep, the programming book people) working on Android exclusively, but have a previously worked on iOS and web applications as well.


I've written about 20 Android apps. I'm very comfortable with both Java as a language, and the Android SDK as a framework. I'm the author of a few open source projects, most notably an Android widget, TileView. I've written 2 iOS apps and been involved with development (at the application level) of 2 others, written in Objective-C (with Cocoa Touch);


I have more experience with MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, than anyone needs, and would estimate I've been solely or primarily responsible for 150-250 sites or web apps, and involved at support level with many more than that. I'm a contributor to Google's JavaScript framework, Closure. An article I wrote on scripted easing has become a go-to reference for the community, and is listed as support material by Robert Penner, StackOverflow's official wiki, and Node PM docs, and is linked in the book Mastering jQuery. I've written a couple well-received jQuery plugins (copyCSS, isOnScreen) that have seen wide adoption throughout the community. I have some experience with Python and the Django framework.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (Software emphasis) and am currently enrolled in Georgia Tech's CS master's program. I'm an Oracle Certified Java 6 Programmer, and a Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer. I'm certified in Networks, Network Security and Project Management by Comptia. I'm certified with Perl by CIW. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert with Flash, Flex and AIR. I have several MTA and CIW certifications across a broad range of technologies.


For web applications, I'll commonly use JavaScript toolkits like Closure, jQuery, Angular, or MooTools, PHP frameworks like Laravel, Zend or CodeIgniter, and will leverage HTML/CSS frameworks or scaffolding systems like Bootstrap or Grid where appropriate, and mobile-web tools like Sencha Touch, Framework7, or jQuery Mobile. I'm experienced with both LESS and Sass, but have used the former more. I'm very familiar with most relevant IDE, including Android Studio, XCode, Intellij, Eclipse, Sublime, Komodo, PHPed, NetBeans, Adobe CS and Visual Studio. I have extensive experience with version control software like SVN and Git. I'm an active member of the open-source community.

GuideOne Curator
GuideOne Curator
LAMP + HTML5 + Bootstrap, custom CMS for museums and galleries featuring drag and drop and wizards for non-technical staff to curate complex object relationships.
National Park Service: Independence Hall
National Park Service: Independence Hall
Official apps of Indepencence National Park in Philadelphia.
National Park Service: Freedom Trail
National Park Service: Freedom Trail
Official apps of Freedom Trail National Historical Park in Boston.
Smithsonian: A Black Odyssey
Smithsonian: A Black Odyssey
Multi-media apps and gallery featuring the work of artist Romare Bearden.
Light at Longwood Gardens
Light at Longwood Gardens
Android App to accompany tours of the Garden's "Light" exhibition
Product Configurator
Product Configurator
Online WYSIWYG with text and image editting capabilities and image composter; users can design engravings in their browser that is converted to a drawing file on the server and sent to the engraver.
Barnes Foundation
Barnes Foundation
Android App with audio-video tour of the museum's exhibits
Inupiat Wordfinder
Inupiat Wordfinder
Android App for English-Inupiat (indigenous Alaskan) translation
SwanStone Product Browser
SwanStone Product Browser
Android App showcasing the client's product's materials and patterns
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Android App featuring interactive audio and video about Alaska's indigenous cultures.
American Construction Investigations
American Construction Investigations
LAMP, HTML5 and Ajax records management software that allows investigators to manage state-mandated records in the field from a connected device.
Open-source Android widget that supports image tiling and pan-zoom interactions.

Michael is not only an expert and super-talented developer (in a variety of computer languages), he is foremost a professional and reliable team member... who is passionate about his work, brings up ideas and solutions and knows how to manage his time and the overall project schedules with efficiency and proactivity.
- Mateo Zlatar, Sourcelab
Mike has consistently demonstrated that he has a type of technical mastery that only comes after years of experience. We have often turned to him for advice when we're planning projects and to provide insights about what's technically possible. Mike is extremely self structured and his ability to meet deadlines and communicate about his progress has been excellent... I don't hesitate to recommend him.
- Juan Sanabria, GuideOne Mobile
...he is always right on top of our requests. I have found him to be timely, professional, intelligent, and friendly... In a recent update to my boss, I noted Mike as "by far the best and quickest to respond of all the people we've worked with on website projects." I highly recommend his work to anyone, familiar with web design and programming or not, he has been extremely helpful, insightful, and a great teacher.
- Traci Long, Director of Operations, ProAct Safety
I had the pleasure of working with Mike for over eight months as we developed my complex social networking website... he's one of the valuable few programmers that can communicate well with both programmers and non-programmers alike. Mike created the majority of my website, and everything he programmed works beautifully. An external review of the social network's code was completed, and the feedback on Mike's code was that it was "excellent and very clean".
- Tyler Gopen, Camconnect
Mike has completed several web and programming projects for us, some of which were very complicated, and they all worked perfectly. He is always quick to respond and has finished all tasks ahead of schedule... We highly recommend his talents.
- Travis Evans, Manager of Animation and Multimedia, Deep Down Design Studios
Mike has done an exceptional job with our website. He is extremely creative yet maintains a high level of professionalism. Mike is extremely well versed in all aspects of web development and his skills go beyond just coding and design. He is sensitive to client time frames and is willing to put in the work needed to get the job done. We have developed a high level of trust with Mike and look forward to working with him on future projects.
- Matt Berry, CEO, Lateral Data
I highly recommend Michael Dunn as a reliable source for development. Mike was employed by Klick Studios, Inc. as a freelance developer/coder over the last few years on various projects. Mike has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and patient. He is flexible and willing to work on any project large or small. Mike would be a tremendous asset for any project and has my highest recommendation.
- Ed Spangenberg, Klick Studios
[Michael's] ability to take on a project and just almost intuitively understand what needed to be done from designs we built was invaluable. He took a lead on the projects/tasks we needed built and worked with our team to get them built as quickly and efficiently as possible... Beyond all he is highly intelligent and able to quickly analyze a circumstance to make confident decisions.
- Charles Hsu, Principal, Media Elements
This is my personal recommendation for Michael Dunn. He has worked with F.I. Finishing for over two years, and has provided us with excellent work. His skill at website design has been a tremendous help in putting our vision into reality. I highly recommend Mike... He is easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in what he does.
- Dan Rakes, Operations Manager, FI Finishing
I am pleased to give my unqualified recommendation for the work of Michael Dunn. For several years now he has worked for us; his work has been reliably high quality, on time and satisfactory. He has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge across a range of technical challenges, enabling us to go places we had not predicted to be possible; I have been very happy to have him on our team.
- Laura Maitra, Principal, Opening the Lotus Int'l have a total command of programming. Most people can get something working satisfactorily. But you can manipulate every obscure feature of conditionals, loops, arrays, objects, variables, built-ins, etc. and put them together in the most amazingly clever ways that it's like the difference between reading John Grisham and Umberto Eco. John Grisham is entertaining, but Umberto Eco is breathtaking. Every line is a powerful and meaningful use of the language.
- Amy Winter, Web Developer
It's been our good fortune to know and work with Mike Dunn over the last few years. Mike has the important traits an organization hopes for in an independent web professional. He has been pivotal in some of our most important projects and Without hesitation I would gladly recommend Mike's work.
- Alex Chacon, Dobidder, CodeSpero
I have worked with Michael on several projects over the last 5 years. His work is of the highest quality and I have used his services many times, always with the same outstanding results. His ability to take one's idea and requirements and meld them into an effective product is nothing short of amazing.
- SE Sharp, Facility Manager, Taos Industries
I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael for over six years. His advanced knowledge and skill in the field of web development, as well as his clear communicative ability, make him an ideal project partner.
- J. Wells, Owner, J. Well Photography

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